The Snack Report: Pumpkin Spice Oreos

Here we are again, another Oreos review. And yet, despite 4 previous Oreo reviews, I still had to pay for these with my own money.  When are you going to throw us a bone Nabisco (or more specifically, some free cookies)?  But enough of my grumbling.

It’s kind of funny because about a month ago we saw the regular Halloween Oreos that are just the regular flavor but with orange colored cream.  I commented on how it’s lame that for Halloween they just have orange colored cream and not pumpkin flavored cream, and we agreed that would be a tasty idea.  Well, about a week later in a different grocery store I stumbled upon the pumpkin spice Oreos.  I was very excited.  But did they live up to expectations?

Well lookie what I found

Well lookie what I found

The pumpkin spice Oreos use the vanilla cookie to house the pumpkin-y filling.  While I think the flavor of the cream would have gone fine with chocolate, it’s probably for the best to have more of a visual separation between these and the Halloween ones that have orange vanilla flavored cream.


The cream has a good texture; it’s a little softer/creamier than the usual stuff which I liked.  And the flavor is pretty darn good.  It says it’s artificially flavored, but it doesn’t taste overly fake like some artificial pumpkin spice does.  Overall I really enjoyed these seasonal Oreos.  They’re a nice fall treat to hold you over until it’s time to make pumpkin pie.

It pains me to eat you this way Oreo...

It pains me to eat you this way Oreo…

My only real complaint is that they tasted better eaten in sandwich form, as opposed to the “split and lick” method I generally prefer. But that’s really more of a personal preference thing than a fault.  It’s just something for people who eat their Oreos like I do to keep in mind.


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Do I recommend Pumpkin Spice Oreos? Yes.


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