Cheese Review: Drunken Goat

For a blog run by people who love cheese so much, it’s been far too long since there’s been a cheese review.  Well today I shall end that drought with a review of Drunken Goat.  I first tried drunken goat back in December of last year, and it quickly became one of my favorite cheeses.


Drunken goat originated in Spain, and as indicated by the name, is made out of goat’s milk.  The cheese is cured for 2-3 days in a red wine, which gives it it’s a pretty purple rind.  I was first drawn to the cheese because its name was funny (I’m 12 years old inside, okay?), but upon hearing that it’s cured in wine I was a bit skeptical since I’m not the biggest fan of wine.  Rest assured however, that it doesn’t taste like wine.  It just has a nice fruitiness to it that plays well with the natural tang of goat cheese.  It is a semi-soft cheese (think cheddar or swiss if you want an idea of the texture), which makes it easy to cut and eat.


Personally I think drunken goat is best just sliced and put on crackers.  But it’s also good in sandwiches and even burritos.  Its flavor is strong enough to hold its own against other ingredients, but not so strong that it knocks you out if you’re just eating it plain.  The only real downside to this cheese, to me at least, is that it’s not super melty, so it’s not the best for grilled cheese or other food applications where you want your cheese gooey.  But every cheese has its strengths and weaknesses, so lack of melty-ness shouldn’t be held against it.  The other negative is that it can be kind of expensive, but I think it’s worth the splurge every now and then.  Plus, you can always keep an eye open for Groupons for local cheese shops (which is what we usually do).

Yummy time!

Yummy time!

Would I recommend drunken goat cheese?  Yes!




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