The Snack Report – Cookie Dough Oreos

So, remember a couple of weeks ago when I wrote a nice post about how good the new Oreo flavor is?  This post…won’t be like that.  A week after trying the Marshmallow Crispy Oreos, we tried the other new limited edition flavor, Cookie Dough. It would be fair to say that the experience was not as enjoyable as the previous one.  Let’s discuss.


For the Cookie Dough Oreo, they stuck with the traditional chocolate cookie, and sandwiched a cookie dough flavored cream (made with “chocolatey chips”) between them.  I was really excited for this cookie because I love cookie dough.  Every time we make chocolate chip cookies I definitely eat at least one cookie’s worth of raw dough (if not more), and I generally consider chocolate chip cookie dough to be one of my favorite ice cream flavors.


Upon opening the package there was no real cookie dough smell coming from within.  And upon eating a cookie, there was no real cookie dough flavor either.  That’s the main problem with this cookie – it doesn’t taste anything like it’s supposed to.  When eating the cookie whole (not separating it to eat the cream first) it mostly just tastes like a regular Oreo, with slightly greasier feeling cream.  When you eat the cream on its own it has more of a mocha flavor to it than any chocolate chip cookie dough I’ve ever tasted.


The cookie isn’t inherently unpleasant…it just doesn’t taste like what it’s supposed to.  If they’d marketed it as a mocha cream flavored cookie, it’d be a hit.  But they tried to pass it off as cookie dough and pretty much failed.  Eating them the second time I didn’t find them as bad as the first, because I knew what to expect.  The biggest thing with eating them for the first time was the letdown of having it not taste like cookie dough.  Going in knowing what they would taste like, the were okay (though I still found the texture of the cream slightly off-putting).  I suppose the real problem is that it’s not actually cookie dough between the cookies; it’s an artificially flavored cream.  I think the cookies would be way better if they borrowed the cookie dough from cookie dough ice cream and used that as the filling.


Bottom line is, if you want real cookie dough flavor, you’re better off just making your own chocolate chip cookie dough.  You could even add it to Oreo cookies you’ve already eaten the cream out of if you’d like.

 Would I recommend Cookie Dough Oreos?  Not really.

Sorry Oreo.  At least you got one of them right!


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