The Snack Report: Marshmallow Crispy Oreos

I have a lot of respect for Oreos.  Their original, chocolate cookie/vanilla cream flavor is beloved by millions; they could easily rest on their laurels and do nothing more than make those cookies (and maybe double stuff too) and still probably make a bajillion dollars.  But they don’t let being America’s #1 cookie make them lazy.  They’re always coming out with new flavors to tempt our taste buds.  They currently have 8 flavors out (in addition to the regular one), with the two newest being Marshmallow Crispy and Cookie Dough.  We recently bought the Marshmallow Crispy flavor to try and let you know what we think.


The Marshmallow Crispy Oreos have the white cookie outside, and a marshmallow/vanilla cream with bits of rice krispies (or I suppose bits of puffed rice, to avoid trademark issues) mixed in.


First impressions upon opening the package was that they definitely smelled at least a little like Rice Krispie treats.  Erik and I differ in our Oreo eating techniques.  I’m of the school that twists the cookie open, eats the cream, then the cookie; Erik keeps the cookie together and dunks in milk before eating.


Luckily our relationship is strong enough to overcome this difference in Oreo eating.

Luckily our relationship is strong enough to overcome this difference in Oreo eating.

The cookie was good both ways.  The cookie part, as far as I could tell, was just their basic vanilla cookie that they use for the reverse and lemon Oreos.  It was really tasty – but nothing special.  The cream filling was really where this cookie shines.  The bits of puffed rice in the cream add an interesting texture, and the flavor of the cream itself is really nice.  I found it to be a bit lighter than the regular filling, which I liked.  Since I was just straight up eating the cream, I found the marshmallow flavor more apparent from the start, but for Erik who ate the cookie whole, he found that the flavor built over time while eating them.  And he still enjoyed them.

Overall I think it’s a really unique idea for a cookie.  They executed it well, and the results are really yummy.  People who eat their Oreos like I do may enjoy them slightly more than those who eat them like Erik, but I think everyone who likes Rice Krispie treats will also enjoy these cookies.


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Oreo Marshmallow Crispy Creme Cookies

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Would I recommend Marshmallow Crispy Oreos?  Yes.


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