The Cereal Report: Post Mini Cinnamon Churros

I dunno what it is about miniature versions of things that’s awesome. All the best novelties in life are just smaller versions of stuff. Pizza Bagels, Shetland Sheepdogs, the Game Boy Micro, we can’t get enough of them. I had heard years ago of a churro-themed cereal, but never had seen it in stores until I was recently tipped off to their being in stock at a local Path Mark. During a (failed) trip to buy video games, I decided to stop in and buy this cereal as a sort of consolation prize to my inner bawling child which was hysterical at the fact every store in the area was sold out of Luigi’s Mansion.


Right off the bat, I had a nagging suspicion this was just going to be a clone of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Afterall, Post isn’t being coy with this one, they advertise it right on the front of the frigging box. “Compare to Cinnamon Toast Crunch!” I don’t know if that’s a suggestion or a demand, but I guess I can let it slide just this once. Regardless of flavor, as you can also see on the package, it’s clearly just little churro-shaped pieces of cereal. Which is adorable.


To answer the elephant-question in the room, yes, it tastes a hell of a lot like Cinnamon Toast Crunch. The only real difference honestly is that these are a little more sweet than cinnamony, and not as powdery which Cinnamon Toast Crunch tends to be sometimes. So that’s actually a bit of a positive. Texture-wise, it’s an airy, puffed cornmeal style cereal, akin to Cap’n Crunch. Not awfully crunchy, but held up well in the milk. So as a whole, the cereal isn’t phenomenal, but it definitely is good. The real edge it has is the whimsy of the churro theme. It’s fun, and fun makes things better. Like I said, miniature versions of things are awesome, so in this situation a decent cereal becomes a cool cereal (Am I using too many empirical terms?).

It’s no surprise to see food companies taking advantage of this concept, in trying to transform anything they can into a breakfast cereal.  Cookie Crisp is one of the most tenured cereals of all, and why shouldn’t it be? It’s a cereal that looks (and maybe vaguely tastes) like tiny little cookies. Cookies and milk is a thing, so cookie-shaped cereal makes more sense than a lot of the garbage going on in the rest of the culinary world. It’s nice getting something that’s straight forward once in a while.

You know exactly what you’re getting when you buy this.

That really sums it up for Post Mini Cinnamon Churros though. It’s a cereal. And that’s not a bad thing either. Novelties are awesome. And in this case, the gimmick isn’t covering for low-quality, it’s just enhancing what’s already pretty good. Then again, I might just be biased since with my recent discovery that there are miniaturized breeds of cattle, one of my life dreams now is to own a farm consisting entirely of miniature versions of farm animals. I imagine the overhead will be minimal.

Should you eat Post Mini Cinnamon Churros?



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