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Microwave Popcorn Made Better

Confession time: I’m a procrastination eater.  Because you know, you can’t do work if you’re eating.  Seeing as how it’s finals time at school, I’m currently doing a lot of procrastination eating in order to put off working on papers.  You have to choose wisely in your procrastination eating choices however, since you just want to put off doing work, not put on 20 pounds.  One good snack (and not just for procrastinating, just in general) is popcorn.  Fresh popped popcorn smells wonderful, and is tasty too.  Bonus: popcorn isn’t terrible for you.  Using an air popper doesn’t take that long, but it can be surprisingly hard to find a good (and not crazy expensive) popcorn popper, plus, some people just don’t really have room for one in their kitchens.  But never fear!  It’s easy to make popcorn in the microwave (and I’m not talking about the prepackaged bags you buy at the store).

You won't need one of these, don't worry.

You won’t need one of these, don’t worry.

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