Cheat Codes: Ice Pops without Popsicle Molds

Ice pops are a beloved summer-time treat.  They’re cold and refreshing on hot summer days.  It’s always nice to keep some ice pops in the freezer during the summer.  The problem I’ve continually had with store bought variety fruit flavor ice pop packs is that there’s almost always at least one flavor I don’t like (usually grape).  This usually results in either leaving them in the freezer until they’re really old and gross so I ultimately throw them out, or pushing them off on to someone else.  Whichever the case it seem like you should be able to have the ice pop flavors you want.  And you can!  Ice pops are super easy to make at home.  Allow me to show you how. 

He could use an ice pop

He could use an ice pop

If you have ice cube trays this is super easy.  If you don’t, you’ll need to get some small paper cups to use instead.  I used ice cube trays, so my directions are written for that, but it’s pretty much the same procedure if you’re using cups.  You’ll also need about 1 1/2 cups of the juice of your choice, and sticks.  If you have popsicle sticks lying around you can cut them in half and use those.  If not, you can use flat toothpicks.  Oh, and you’ll also need plastic wrap. 

Okay, here we go:

Take your ice cube tray. 


Fill each spot with juice. 

I did half with fruit punch and half with orange juice.

I did half with fruit punch and half with orange juice.

Cover the tray tightly with plastic wrap.  Then poke through the wrap with the toothpicks so they’re in the center of each cube. 


Carefully place the ice cube tray in the freezer and straighten all the toothpicks so they’re as vertical as possible (there’ll always be a couple that don’t want to cooperate, but do your best). 


Let freeze overnight.  When ready to eat, carefully remove the plastic wrap, and twist the tray like you would to remove ice cubes.  If you have any trouble you can dip the bottom of the tray in warm water for a few seconds.  All that’s left is to enjoy the refreshing coolness!



If you want to be fancy you can even add some fresh fruit to your ice pops for an added treat. 


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