Cheat Codes: How To Melt Chocolate in the Microwave

We’re all aware with the world’s fascination with chocolate. I like chocolate too. I don’t love it per se, but chocolate is good when necessary. Some recipes for frostings or sauces will call for it melted, and quite frequently they recommend using a double boiler to do so. A double boiler is essentially just a a big pot with a smaller pot inside it, with water in between the two. They do work great for melting chocolate, since throwing chocolate into a pot on the stove will generally burn it since the flame / heat striking the bottom of the pot makes it grow too hot too quickly, which can scorch your chocolate or whatever you’re warming.

But really, who even owns a double boiler, outside the hoity of toitiest? They’re handy, but not necessarily a requirement since there’s better, easier ways to heat up delicate foodstuffs like chocolate. Instead, let’s look at how simple it is to use your microwave to melt chocolate chips into a luscious chocolatey liquid. By the way, it’s incredibly easy.


This method of melting chocolate really only requires two things, a bowl and a microwave. That’s it. No fancy setups, just a plain old bowl. You begin by pouring whatever amount of chocolate you have in, while making sure said bowl is microwave-safe. Most ceramic or glass bowls are in this day, but just check to be safe.


Stick the bowl into your microwave, and cook them for 30 seconds. Make sure to take the spoon out since we all know if you combine metal and microwaves, you’re gonna have a bad time. After 30 seconds, remove the bowl. Your chips are gonna be still pretty intact, but stir them just to distribute the heat around. Place them back in and microwave again for 30 seconds. Remove once more, and they’ll start to get a little melty.



Essentially, this is the process. You stir your chips, microwave for 30 seconds, and remove to stir again. Each time your chocolate will get closer and closer to liquifying. You repeat these simple steps a few more times and that should be it. Don’t worry if it seems like they’re not melting, depending on what brand they are, and how powerful your microwave is, it could take several minutes. You just absolutely do not want to microwave them too much since this can scorch them the way that cooking in a regular pot can. Once your chocolate is mostly melted, maybe with only a couple of semi-solid chips left floating in it, that’s good enough. The chocolate will be hot, and stirring it a bit will causes these last stragglers to melt away.



And that’s it! A whole bowl of smooth-ass, delightful liquid chocolate. Perfect for frosting, fudge, popcorn, and pouring all over your lover’s naked body.



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