Snack Report: Chips Ahoy! Ice Cream Creations – Mint Chocolate Chip

Cookies and ice cream – dessert favorites of 5 and 75 year olds alike. I mean, who doesn’t love cookies and ice cream (besides maybe people with Celiac’s and people who are lactose intolerant. A moment of silence for you.)? Cookies long ago entered the world of ice cream though flavors like chocolate chip cookie dough and cookies and cream. Now Chips Ahoy! is bringing ice cream to the world of cookies with their new Ice Cream Creations flavor cookies. I recently tried one of these new cookies.

You may have seen these creepy little guys in the commercials.

You may have seen these creepy little guys in the commercials.

Chips Ahoy! has released 4 flavors in this Ice Cream Creations line: Mocha Crunch Chocolate Chip, Root Beer Float, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Dulce de Leche. As the title of this post indicates, I tried the Mint Chocolate Chip version.  The Mint Chocolate Chip is made up of a chocolate cookie with chocolate chips and mint chips.


I was a bit hesitant at first, since as I’ve already confessed, I’m not the hugest fan of chocolate flavored things, so a chocolate chocolate chip cookie could have been too much. Luckily the mint really comes through and keeps the chocolate from being overwhelming. Unsurprisingly the mint and chocolate work really well together and the cookies are very tasty. I think what works best for the cookies is that they are the chewy kind. If they had been the regular crunchy cookies I don’t think they would have been as good. They would have been horning in on Thin Mints’ territory too much.  These are nice and soft and chewy.  The only real problem I have to pick out is that the distribution of the mint chips was somewhat uneven. This seems to be a mostly aesthetic problem though, since even the cookies with less mint chips still had a good mint flavor.


Overall these cookies are a winner, and if you want to increase the cookie/ice cream crossover even further, I think these would be awesome to use to make ice cream sandwiches.

Would I recommend Chips Ahoy! Ice Cream Creations Mint Chocolate Chip? Yes!


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  1. I don’t particularly like chocolate cookies, but those do look really good. Mostly cuz of the mint chips.


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