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Deep Dish, Twisted Food History! – Episode 13: History of Pumpkin Spice Lattes!

In this episode of Deep Dish, take a look at the cultural phenomenon that is pumpkin spice lattes! Did Starbucks actually invent them? Are pumpkin pie spice products supposed to actually contain pumpkin?  What spices actually ARE “pumpkin spice”?!  Listen now to find out!


  • Meg makes a confession about her relationship to this week’s topic.
  • An overview of what exactly constitutes a basic bitch.
  • An in-depth look at the spices that make up pumpkin spice  – and no discussion of lattes because well…we forgot.  
  • We put in the work and research to finally determine, shockingly, there are over 60 pumpkin spice products released by major brands in the last twenty years!
  • Another edition of Review Roast! that roasts reviews for Roast!  (It’s not as confusing as it sounds).

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Episode 17: Off Topic! Christmas Special! Deep Dish: Twisted Food History!

We go off-topic in this holly-jolly Christmas edition of Deep Dish!  We go a bit overboard with Advent calendars this year. (Hint, there's two of us, and FIVE calendars)We discuss the abomination that is pizza-flavored candy canes.Inexplicably, pizza candy canes isn't even the worst variety that we talk about in this episode…A very special holiday edition of Shitty Old Recipes, with TWO unthinkable nightmares! (One of which looks like something that you dragged out from underneath your car.)
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Next time we’ll be serving up a special Halloween edition of Deep Dish! We’ll be looking at a beloved treat that everyone hopes they get in their jack-o-lantern bucket. It’s the perfect blend of salty and sweet, and has become a beloved flavor combo. Think you know what it is? Guess in the comments, and if you get it right, we’ll give you a great big shoutout in a future episode! Until then, stay hungry!