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Food 101: Basic Biscuits Recipe

Biscuits are a great food.  They can enhance your dinner, you can eat them on their own, or you can use them to make sandwiches.  If you’re having a meal that has gravy, biscuits are pretty much a must in order to sop up every bit of rich, meaty goodness.  One could argue that you could use dinner rolls for this as well, which is true.  But the downside to dinner rolls is that they’re made using yeast, which means they need time to rise, and aren’t as easy to make.  Biscuits on the other hand, are very easy to make.  They use chemical leavening to rise (baking powder/soda) so there’s no downtime like there is for yeast breads.  While there’s nothing wrong with using the biscuits from a can (which I admit I frequently do myself), biscuits from scratch don’t even really take that much more time, so it’s worth giving them a shot when you have a little extra time.  Everyone will be super impressed with how yummy they are, and that you made them from scratch.

What you'll need.  Milk not pictured because well, I'm forgetful.

What you’ll need. Milk not pictured because well, I’m forgetful, and I also just realized the sugar is hidden.

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