The Snack Report: Nature’s Path ‘Love Crunch’ – Apple Chia Crumble

You’re all familiar with the TV Trope, the ‘granola girl‘ (or granola guy, if you will), are you not? If no, you can read up, but it’s essentially just our modern day incarnation of what hippies used to be, decades ago. Preaching love and happiness, exploring counter culture, an affinity for mother nature, etc… You get the idea.

Interestingly enough, with Meg and I’s newfound love for yoga, actual granola, and gardening, you could probably classify the two of us as a granola girl/granola guy. Interestingly especially with me, since anyone who grew up with me knew I was a major league cynical asshole in high school and college. But hey, people grow up, right? I’ve already come to grips with the fact some people consider me a hipster, so what the hell. Bring on the granola. (Though admittedly I still have no idea how to play a guitar).


As mentioned, I’ve really gotten into granola in the past year, mostly for the convenience of it. I always enjoyed it, but never actively sought it out until recently. I’ve had a few brands and varieties so far, and like all food it has its ups and downs. Nature’s Path is a pretty big name in the granola world, and actually they’ve been my favorite brand so far. Their granola is crunchy, delicious, and best of all, it’s incredibly affordable.
Now, much to the chagrin of many green activists, I will state that the jury is still out on the health risks of GMOs and non-organic foods. Despite that, I will absolutely agree that if it were up to me and realistic, I’d always eat the most perfect, pure, ultra organic foods possible. I mean, I pride myself on having a healthy diet. But, as is the theme here at PCFG, unfortunately food is not free. And in the case of healthy foods, they seem to be some of the worst offenders of food overpricing. I know people call it “going green” because they’re supposed to be getting closer to nature, buuut sadly it’s more accurate to say it’s because they’re throwing so much cash around that it’s just green everywhere. That aside, pretty much my stance on the whole issue is that if you can find organic stuff at comparable/competitive prices, then I say totally go for it. That brings me back to Nature’s Path…

Nature’s Path has all the non-GMO certifications and organic whatsit details that you could ask for. But despite that, you can still find a bag of their granola for a couple of bucks, which is awesome. I think I paid somewhere in the range of $2 for this bag of Apple Chia Crumble. I can totally get behind that. So if you’re the type of person who really looks for the most pure foods you can find, then Nature’s Path is awesome since you can get it cheap, without it being like, an “inferior” granola.


Nature’s Path ‘Love Crunch’, I guess is the product line’s name. This variety, as mentioned, is Apple Chia Crumble. It features apples, pecans, cinnamon, chia seeds, and granola/oats/etc. I’ll put it right out there; this is legit one of the best granolas I’ve ever eaten. It’s got a great crunch to it, and the tartness of the apple gives awesome little explosions of flavor to every bite. For what it’s worth also, I’m not even a big fan of nuts, and I enjoy the pecans in here too. I don’t actually know where the chia seeds fit in, or what they taste like, but apparently they’re in there… (You have to forgive me, I’m still just a beginner granola guy.)

There’s a bunch of ways to enjoy granola, including making bars out of it, cookies, eating it as cereal, or just eating it straight. Personally I do the latter; I’m a snacker. I just eat handfuls of it, or bring it with me as a quick way to eat breakfast or some sort of mini-meal. The package is resealable, so it should never go stale either. One bonus it features too, is that the granola pieces are actually pretty chunky. I mean, you don’t necessarily want every single cluster to be a giant boulder of granola, but at the same time you do want some clusters since that’s what gives you the awesome crunch. For comparison, here’s one of the bigger pieces I found in Apple Chia Crumble, compared the biggest chunk I could find at the top of the bag from a different brand:



The one on the left, obviously, is the apple chia from Nature’s Path. The other one… well that one’s just straight up pathetic. I’m having trouble eating it because the lack of clusters makes it pretty boring… Either way, know that Nature’s Path doesn’t skimp on the crumble part.

Everything about Nature’s Path Apple Chia Crumble is awesome. It’s delicious, is organic and all that, it’s good for you, and you don’t have to pay out the ass to get some. If you’re an aspiring granola girl or guy like myself, or you’re in the big leagues, I recommend the hell out of it. (Though admittedly, I feel like master class granola girls/guys will find some activist reason to dismiss it, which I won’t full comprehend/care about, so whatever. I still recommend it to everyone.)

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Natures Path Love Crunch Organic Premium Granola, Apple Chia Crumble, 11.5-Ounce

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