Quick Recipe: Chipotle Butter

Every time I make a recipe that calls for chipotle peppers in adobo sauce I always have a bunch leftover, since I usually only use one or two at a time.  This time instead of just immediately handing the rest to Erik to use in some flames-shooting-out-of-your-mouth dish for him to make for himself I decided to be thrifty and figure out some other things I could use them in.

One of the things I came up with was a chipotle compound butter.  This butter will be good on anything you’d use regular butter on that you want to give a bit of kick to.

Chipotle butter is really good on a bagel.

Chipotle butter is really good on a bagel.

Chipotle Butter:

  • ½ stick (4 tbsp.) salted butter
  • ½ chipotle pepper, seeds removed and diced fine
  • ½ tsp adobo sauce

Allow the butter to soften to room temperature.  Once softened, in a mixing bowl combine all the ingredients using a hand mixer until well blended and butter starts to become fluffy.  Place butter on a piece of plastic wrap, and shape into log form.  Roll in the plastic wrap and store in the fridge.


  • Though this recipe is for only a half stick of butter it can very easily be doubled for a whole stick.
  • If you want your chipotle butter to be a bit spicier I’d recommend upping the amount of diced pepper itself rather than the adobo sauce.  Too much adobo sauce may cause the butter to get a bit too oily and (bad) mushy at room temperature.

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  1. This whole compound butter thing is such a great way to spice up food. You guys should also try churning your own butter sometime and compare the taste and texture to store-bought butter. Mmm… butter.

    • We bought homemade butter from a local dairy farm a few weeks ago. It was sooo creamy and buttery. I’m sure we’ll try making our own one of these days.

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