The Snack Report: Mission Tortilla Triangle Chips

The other day Erik and I were at the grocery store, shopping for supplies for dinner.  We were going to make nachos (more on that to come later).  As we strolled down the chip aisle we made a horrific discovery: tortilla chips are stupidly expensive.  Even on sale they were more than we thought they should be.  Wondering what to do, we decided to check out the aisle that had tortillas, thinking maybe we would have to make our own.  That was where we found the Mission tortilla chips (they also have rounds and strips, but we chose the triangles).


The bag was the same weight as the Tostitos chips we’d been looking at, and were cheaper full price than the others were on sale.  That alone automatically made them better.  Once we got home and tried them they pretty much instantly became our favorite tortilla chips.  They’re not too thin, like a lot of popular tortilla chips are, but they’re not tooth-chippingly thick either.  They’re seasoned pretty much perfectly – not too salty, but not too plain. Overall, they just taste really good.  We couldn’t stop eating them straight out of the bag plain while making dinner.  Their sturdiness also makes them great for dip (and nachos).  Oh yeah, and they’re also gluten free and have no preservatives.  As far as we can tell, these chips are a win-win from every angle.  The only negative I have to say was that the “new easy open bag” wasn’t that easy to open…but really, who cares?


Want to try them for yourself? Follow our Amazon Associate link!

Mission Tortilla Chips, Restaurant Style, 13 oz

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Would I recommend Mission Tortilla triangle chips?  Yes!!




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