Snack Report: Wholly Guacamole 100 Calorie Packs


Do you love avocados and guacamole as much as I do?  Of course you do, they’re delicious!  Avocados are great because they’re both tasty and good for you since they’re full of the good kind of fats as well as vitamins C, E, and K.  The main downside to avocados (and therefore guacamole as well) is that they oxidize and get all brown and mushy super fast after being cut in to.  That means you usually have to use all of an avocado at once, and finish guacamole fairly quickly after opening it.  And sometimes, you just want a little bit.  This is where the Wholly Guacamole 100 calorie packs come in.



Now I generally don’t buy into the whole “however many calorie snack pack” things.  I usually just pour my snacks into a small bowl of some sort to keep myself from eating too much rather than pay to have someone else do so for me.  But these 100 calorie packs are the perfect size for when you’re craving some avocado, but don’t want to cut into one, or open a big package and risk not finishing it fast enough.  It’s a good amount for some chip dipping, or for putting on a sandwich (anyone else ever have a grilled cheese and avocado sandwich?  Yum!).  And best of all, the guacamole itself is good!  It’s yummy and not full of gross preservatives.  And unlike a lot of prepared guacamoles you can buy, not only does it actually have avocado listed as an ingredient (seriously, check out some of the jarred guacamoles…no avocado to be found.  Or at best, avocado powder, which is…no), it’s the first ingredient!

Look, ingredients that are all easily found in nature, and to pronounce!

Look, ingredients that are all easily found in nature, and to pronounce!

The one potential negative is that the package of three 100 calorie packs are the same price as their regular packages of guacamole, but you get less weight-wise.  However, if you buy the regular one and can’t finish it before it goes bad, is that really saving money?  In some cases, paying a little more for less isn’t a bad thing, especially if it means not wasting food (and ultimately wasting money).

So, should you buy Wholly Guacamole 100 Calorie Packs?  Yes!  Of course you can get the regular size too.  And if it’s on sale and/or you have a coupon for it?  Stock up!


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