The Wedding Party! Bridesmaids and Groomsmen Profiles

Behind every awesome Bride and Groom is an awesome Wedding Party made up of awesome friends and relatives! Check out some brief introductions and fun facts about the Bride, Groom, their bridesmaids and groomsmen, as well as their family!

“The Bride!”
Meghan Elizabeth Adamo

Nickname: Skunk
Age: 31
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Color: Blue
Likes: Crocheting, arts & crafts, baking, goats, yoga, plants
Dislikes: Mornings, deodorant, pollen
Favorite Bands: Green Day, Regina Spektor, She & Him

Meg studied art and design in college, having earned a Master’s degree a few years ago, and currently works as a copywriter/social media manager for a small business furniture company in Farmingdale. Despite being quiet and awkward, and a bit of a couch potato, she still loves to go on adventures in nature and ain’t afraid to get dirty! Her and Erik love cooking (and eating especially!) together, so never come between her and a pizza, or you may regret it.

“The Groom!”
Erik Christian Schmalenberg

Nickname: Goose
Age: 30
Favorite Food: Curry
Favorite Color: Forest Green
Likes: Writing music, trumpets, cooking, hawks, martial arts, Nintendo
Dislikes: Sleeping, unoriginality, salads
Favorite Bands: The Heavy, Murder By Death, The Doors

Erik studied both music and (regrettably) political science in college. Presently, he loves music and hates everything to do with politics and government. Go figure! Despite liking bugs, Erik actually works as a Pest Control technician. Outside of work, he devotes much of his time to the art field, writing and performing music, drawing, and is now even developing his own indie video game! Thanks to Meg now, he always has a tennis partner and a gym buddy. (Hey, they need to work off all that pizza somehow…)

-The Bridesmaids-

“The Maid of Honor!”
Kelly Cahill

Years Known: 25
Favorite Color: Blue
Special Skill: Teaching

Meg and Kelly met in 1st grade, which is when the Adamos moved to their current home. They became closer friends in high school when they ate lunch together and bonded over cookie scraps. Always up for adventures Kelly frequently joins Meg and Erik on fun outings and to this day is the only of their friends to actually join them in their low-tide mud exploration! In fact, had it not been for Kelly setting up an OkCupid profile for Meg one fateful afternoon in Starbucks, Erik and Meg would have never met.

“The One Who Lives In Alaska!”
Barbara Maklakov

Years Known: 20
Favorite Color: Green
Special Skill: Nursing

Meg and Barbara met in sixth grade homeroom and have been friends ever since. Barbara is basically an honorary member of the family having lived with the Adamos twice and attended numerous family functions with them. Before social media they kept in touch with an on-going email to check in with each other even when Babz has lived in other states. With Barbara getting married a month later, it seems like both of these two girls’ biggest billowlalarakes are coming true. (Don’t ask, it’s an inside joke.)

“The One That Moved To Italy!”
Ashley Symons

Years Known: 16
Favorite Color: Green
Special Skill: Neuroscience

Ashley and Meg met in 10th grade biology class and became fast friends. They went on to be in AP Chemistry together and Meg probably wouldn’t have passed the class without Ashley’s help. It makes sense that Ashley went on to get a PhD in science and Meg did not. Sleepovers at Ashley’s parents’ house were always a good time and much looked forward too. Now that Ashley is living her best life in Italy, sleepovers at her house are also once again much looked-forward too, though much less often sadly.

“The Photo Buddy!”
Lauren Gibbons

Years Known: 24
Favorite Color: Blue
Special Skill: Kung Fu

Meg and Lauren met in 2nd grade and were in many of the same classes in elementary school. While friends for a long time, they probably bonded the most suffering through Journalism class together and then taking photography senior year of high school. Photo class started their ritual of photowalks where the two would go out into nature with their cameras and take hundreds of pictures together!

“Erik’s Sister!”
Alison Fleming

Years Known: 6
Favorite Color: Yellow
Special Skill: Music

Alison is Erik’s older sister and Meg’s future sister-in-law. A fan of all things avian, she loves penguins, one of Meg’s favorite animals. As an only child Meg has no regular sisters and is excited to finally get one now!

“The Flower Girl!”

Years Known: 7
Favorite Color: Light Blue
Special Skill: Licking

Brandy is the Adamos’ beloved family pooch, a labrador retriever mix… or a golden retriever mix…? A spaniel/retriever mix of some sort! What she lacks in brainpower, she makes up for in fluffiness and sweetness. She’s attended the annual Dog Party which takes place every Summer at Janice and Terry’s house for 5 years now, making her the longest-returning guest dog at the party! (But will she actually be able to carry flowers down the aisle? Your guess is as good as ours!)

-The Groomsmen-

“The Best Ma’am!”
Molly Hooper

Years Known: 16
Favorite Color: Green
Special Skill: Drawing

Molly and Erik have been buddies ever since the end of Middle School, and as far as in-person friendships go, she is Erik’s oldest friend, going back to 9th grade! The two of them met through a few mutual acquaintances, and quickly became very close due to their mutual love of art, sports, and video games. As a professional artist, Molly has served as a role model of sorts to Erik in his own artistic/drawing endeavors, and to this very day they will still get together for “art nights” where they work on projects together!

“Erik’s Brother In Law!”
Bob Fleming

Years Known: 20
Favorite Color: Red
Special Skill: History

As Erik’s brother-in-law, Bob’s been a mainstay for a long time! They started off as an odd pairing of friends when Alison met Bob in college, when Erik was just a kid. The two have been through all sorts of scrambles since, and are able to relate on a million different subjects, from the coolest Doors songs to which potato chips taste best to the fleeting existentialism of coping with depression. Most of his friend clique was inherited through Bob, so without him, Erik would totally have almost no friends in 2019.

“Erik’s Brother!”
Robert Mostupanick

Years Known: 30
Favorite Color: Blue
Special Skill: Renaissance Man

Robert is Erik’s actual brother, meaning he’s known and watched Erik grow ever since he was born. Nothing can ever substitute family, and despite all sorts of ups and downs in the family, the two of them will always have the bond that blood-brothers can share. Thanks to Rob, Erik got to become an uncle at the ripe old age of 10 years old when his son James was born! Fun Fact: Robert’s wife Deborah was actually one of Molly’s high school teachers! Small world, huh?

“The Man of Mystery!”
Chris Fleming

Years Known: ???
Favorite Color: ???
Special Skill: ???

Chris and Erik both love music, fried chicken, video games! That’s all we’re allowed to say!

“The Kyle!”
Kyle Koppos

Years Known: 14
Favorite Color: Imperial Navy Green
Special Skill: Building Models

Erik and Kyle have been high school chums since, well, high school. After casually knowing one another in 10th grade chemistry, one year later, Erik saw Kyle eating lunch by himself in the cafeteria. He invited him over to their table (which included Molly!) and the rest is history! Kyle is one of Erik’s closest remaining friends from grade school, and most seriously a definitive bro. Since then, they’ve played a ton of video games together, gone camping, and even done work together on Fire Island!

“The Ringbearer!”

Years Known: 10
Favorite Color: Green
Special Skill: Sarcasm

Kobe is Erik’s faithful dog, known for his two most defining traits: his scruffiness and his sarcastic personality. How can a dog be sarcastic? Well, it’s a little hard to explain, but if you met him, you’d know. Kobe is half-maltese half-yorkie, and loves to eat chicken more than anything in the world. His bark is most certainly worse than his bite, especially considering he can bark himself hoarse sometimes…




The VIPs

“Meg’s Mom and Dad!”

Martha Adamo

Years Known: 31
Favorite Color: Blue
Special Skill: Financing

Rick Adamo

Years Known: 31
Favorite Color: Blue
Special Skill: Handyman

Meg is super grateful for all her parents have done for her throughout the years.  Growing up she didn’t think about it much, but as an adult now herself she realizes just how much her parents did to make her childhood so enjoyable and comfortable.

Meg learned how to fish and basic fix-it skills from her dad, how to cook and sew from her mom, and from both of them learned the importance of family and what a good relationship looks like.

“Thank you so much for everything!  We couldn’t be putting together this wedding as easily without your help and we appreciate everything you’re doing so so much!”



“Erik’s Mom and Dad!”

Janice Schmalenberger

Years Known: 30
Favorite Color: Purple
Special Skill: Cooking

Terry Schmalenberger

Years Known: 30
Favorite Color: Blue
Special Skill: Piano

Life can be crazy sometimes, and no one knows that better than Erik and his parents. They’ve been through so much together, and throughout it all, Erik always knew at the end of the day he had a warm, safe home to come to, with lots and lots of home cooked meals, while growing up.

Erik will always be grateful to his parents for giving him the foundation of a loving family, to allow for him to find his own way through the world. They guided him to two of the most important pillars of life, teaching him how to cook and encouraging him to appreciate and practice the arts, especially music.

Without his parents, Erik wouldn’t be the unique individual he is today. One of the worst things you can be in life is to have no personality, and it’s thanks to them, Erik doesn’t ever have to worry about that.

“Thanks Ma! Thanks Dad! I’m more thankful that you can imagine for all you’ve done for me. Here’s to many more crazy adventures!”




And last but certainly not least…

“The Colonel!”
The Colonel Salerno

Favorite Color: Purple
Years Known: 13
Special Skill: Eating

The Colonel is a legendary dog whose storied life puts most humans’ lives to shame! Not a man alive has met this lovable lummox and not fallen in love with his labrador retriever charm.
The Colonel hails from a long line of championship-winning show labs, with heritage that can be traced back several decades. He began life as a Guide Dog trainee, being raised by Erik’s family, and was nearly accepted due to his winning personality and can-do attitude! Sadly, he suffers from hip dysplasia, which disqualified him from the position and he had to drop-out. Since then, he spent time as a housepet, and even did some volunteer work! He currently has an active Facebook account with over 100 friends, has attended a wedding as recently as 2016, and even has has several songs written about him.
The Colonel’s life has not been without its hiccups however. In 2011, he forced the garage door open, escaping down the driveway and was struck by a car, suffering several injuries. Despite this, he walked back up the driveway wagging his tail, with a smile on his face. Besides his car accident, he also infamously broke into the family pantry and ate nearly 2 lbs of semisweet chocolate chips, a fatal dosage that should have killed a dog of his size, according to the doctor.
The Colonel currently is living out his golden years at Janice and Terry’s home, looking over the younger dogs of the house. While getting on in years, needing assistance going up and down stairs, he is still in good health for his age and has plenty of life left in him!

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