Fun Facts / Meg and Erik’s Origin Story!

In case you were wondering, Meg and Erik have a fun backstory! It’s a bit lengthy and it’s not the most exciting, but it’s definitely heartwarming. If you’re bored at work, hey give it a read, maybe you’ll waste enough time until your next bathroom break!

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Meg and Erik originally began talking in the Fall of 2012, however their connection preceded this by several years, believe it or not! Prior to their first official meeting in person, both attended Stonybrook University during the same years. Both of them frequented the Staller Center, Stonybrook’s central building for art and music.

Meg and Erik’s first met in December of 2012 after talking to one another for several months via OkCupid and Facebook. The first time they realized they had chemistry involved a conversation in which they neurotically ranked words such as “yell” “whisper” and “murmur” (among many others) in order of how loud or soft they are implied to be. Upon the realization that they were both fascinated by random details and bizarre, inconsequential conversations that sound like something ripped from Seinfeld, they knew they had found someone special! After a few more in-person meetups, they decided to make things official.

Early on in their relationship, Meg and Erik discovered that they were both unabashedly weird and were just a couple of big kids looking for fun. The two of them had great senses of humor, a love for nature and animals, and both were accomplished chefs. They were similar in all the best ways that counted (life goals, values, and philosophy) but had plenty of differences that would complement one another.
For example, Meg enjoys quieter, more laid back hobbies like crafting, crocheting, and reading, while Erik enjoyed more radical-cool fun like playing music, video games, and martial arts. Over the years, like any good couple, they adopted one another’s hobbies and slowly merged together into one being that crochets while watching Dragon Ball Z, and listening to electronica while baking chocolate chip cookies. Beyond that, they always seem to end up in cartoonish situations and bizarre adventures filled with all sorts of scrambles. (Did they ever tell you about the time they accidentally drove a cat to an Indian restaurant? You can’t make this stuff up.)

Over 5 years later, they now have an apartment in Patchogue filled with over 70 plants, hundreds of toys, and several pets. If all of that’s not a good enough reason to get married, then what else is? (Aside from the fact they’re both way too accepting of each other’s weird/crazy qualities to be normal human beings anymore.) The future is looking bright, so who knows what other zany situations they’ll end up in? Marriage is just another fun adventure that they’re excited to embark on!

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