Meg and Erik are getting married!

That’s right, everybody’s favorite Skunk and Goose are finally joining in holy matrimony on September 7th, 2019! It’s going to be an awesome celebration with tons of fun and excitement, so this is your one-stop place for all the information you need about the special day! Here you can read up on the itinerary for the ceremony and reception, learn fun facts about the bride and groom as well as their wedding origin story, check out their engagement photos, and get other useful information about the big day.

Meet The Wedding Party!

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-Wedding Day Information & Itinerary-


The wedding day kicks off with the ceremony taking place at Lutheran Church of Our Savior in Patchogue, New York at 12:00 Noon. Erik has attended this church his entire life, still volunteering in church services to this very day, and it’s been his family’s congregation since they first moved to Patchogue several decades ago. The ceremony will be conducted by Pastor Kevin O’Hara, who just got married to his own husband last year in 2018! The church itself is a quaint, local church which was built in 1946. It’s a five minute drive away from the lucky couple’s downtown apartment, as well as Erik’s parents’ home. The ceremony will include full Mass/Communion and is expected to last about one hour. Communion is open to all guests, regardless of their religious sect.

Patchogue is located on the south shore of Long Island and is approximately 20 minutes away from Rick and Martha’s house in Middle Island, and both 1 hour away from JFK Airport and 12 minutes away from Macarthur Airport.

September 7th, 2019
12:00 Noon
Lutheran Church of Our Savior
231 Jayne Blvd.
Patchogue, NY, 11772


Following the ceremony, the wedding reception will take place at Benner’s Farm at 3:00PM. The venue is located in Setauket, New York, and is approximately 25 minutes away from the church. Benner’s is both a historical farm which has been family-owned and operated since the 1700s, and also a working farm where the Benner family grows crops and raises animals to this very day. The property spans 15 acres, and includes fruit/vegetable lots, a duck (and goose!) pond, chicken coops, pens for sheep/goats/horses, and multiple barns and clubhouses. Yes, it has bathrooms. Normal, indoor bathrooms.
The start of the reception begins at 3:00PM, with cocktail hour taking place in the rear field forest of Benner’s Farm. After cocktail hour, the reception itself will be held in the main building, a converted barn, and the field outside of it (tent included in case of inclement weather). Dinner will be served buffet style. If you have any specific food restrictions (vegetarian, gluten free, etc.) please comment below or message us to let us know so we have enough options to accommodate everyone.

Benner’s Farm
56 Gnarled Hollow Road
East Setauket, NY, 11733

Other Important Information

  • Hotel Info: For some reason setting up a couple of hotel blocks became one of the most challenging aspects of wedding planning. While there is not a designated hotel block, has set up a page of special group rates for our wedding that you can check out here. Since it’s not a block the rates may fluctuate or the rooms may sell out, but there are some pretty good discounts there so it’s worth checking out. You can also check out Airbnbs in the Patchogue and Setauket areas.
  • Please note: due to the nature of the venue and for safety purposes, the bride and groom cannot accommodate young children as part of the celebration, and this wedding will be strictly ages 13+. There will be child care available at the church for the ceremony. If you will need child care services for the reception please let us know and we will be happy to help you find some local options!
  • Attire: Standard wedding, semi-formal attire.  Note: You will be walking and standing on grass at the reception, so please plan your shoe choices appropriately!
  • Registry: Meg & Erik are registered at Bed Bath & Beyond and Target.

Long story short, Meg and Erik’s wedding takes place at 12:00 Noon, at Lutheran Church of Our Savior in Patchogue, NY on September 7th, 2019! See you there!

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